At CABLEWORKS we realize that whether you’re playing live, recording, rehearsing with the band, or just practicing at home, a bad cable can distract you from your best performance. CABLEWORKS understands that the best cables are the ones you never have to think about. Created by working musicians, CABLEWORKS uses premium connectors and conductors, along with a detailed assembly process to ensure that your cable will perform flawlessly every time you plug it in.



Cableworks Backline Series cables are a best-in-class line of cables for music and audio professionals. The line consists of Instrument, XLR, Speaker, and Patch cables to accommodate all your audio needs. With highly durable and flexible jackets, classic reliable connectors, and oxygen-free conductors, the Backline Series can be relied upon every time you plug it in.


The Composer Series is Cableworks professional cable offering, featuring upgraded and well-shielded, low-capacitance conductors, durable PVC jackets for flexibility and reliability, and Cableworks “Patent Pending” connectors. These connectors feature our TORIColor ID rings which allow for easy identification when using multiple cables. The Composer Series includes a full assortment of Instrument, XLR, and Speaker cables to support all your professional audio needs.


The Headliner Series is Cableworks premium cable offering that features our best-performing, lowest capacitance conductors, providing optimal signal transmission. Headliner cables come wrapped in sturdy, flexible PVC jackets that result in an extremely durable and reliable cable that will stand the test of time. The Headliner Instrument, XLR, and TS Speaker cables include Cableworks “Patent Pending” connectors that feature a rugged design highlighted by our TORIColor ID rings for easy identification when using multiple cables.

NEW! Guarantee White

All CABLEWORKS cables are guaranteed for life!

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